Monday, December 11, 2006


There have been concerns voiced over the Terms and Conditions, and requiring contributors to give up all rights. The reasoning for this is simplicity. If this ever gets published (which it won't), then contracts would have to be drafted and agreed upon by potentially hundreds of people. This is just not practical. In fact, coordinating such an effort would be near impossible. I am NOT trying to steal people's work for my own personal gain. Assuming such is ludicrous.

I honestly thought that writers wrote for the love of the story. For the love of art and creation. Not for fame and/or money. I guess I was wrong.

The oddest part about all of this is that SO FEW authors actually make money. Most spend more promoting and submitting than they ever get back. And they are happy to do it, because they are proud of what they created. (At least, I am.)

Well, I AM still accepting submissions if anyone is willing to write for fun rather than profit. If you still do this for the love of art, experimentation, and pure joy then send me your story. If not, as seems to be the case then I wish you all the best in your professional and financial endeavors.

Maybe this was naive of me. To think that people have true passion for writing. That they tell stories because that's what they love to do. Independent of material desire. I was always told to pursue the career that you would still do even if you never got paid. That's what I did. That's what I though all writers did. I have been put in my place.

It makes me sad, though.

Sad for the world of writing, which has become TOO business minded. Where the dollar is the bottom line, rather than the creation of art that is inspiring and beautiful.

I guess it's the American way, though. The American Dream always has been all about making money and buying nice "stuff."

Wow, I'm preachy. You know what? You're all right. What am I doing here? I could have a Lexus! Screw writing. I think I'll just go to Medical School like all my materialistic family members wanted me to. I wanted to do what I loved and write stories and be poor if that's what it meant. But I was SO wrong. It IS all about money. I'll go burn my novels now and start applying for Medical Schools. Then I can like totally buy cool shit and stuff!

Thanks for showing me the light folks,

Our Novel Editor

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